Monday, February 11, 2013

Life Lately

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was spent with old and new friends exploring the city. I am so glad to call Chicago home. There is constantly something new to do and I am finding that I don't have as much down time as I imagined, I am not complaining though. I did not end up trying out as an extra Saturday morning for Divergent - I was too nervous and sleepy, whoops. I did have some friends from school come to visit though that night. My friend Billy commented, "you're life is just like Sex in the City now", hahaha, kinda not really...


Here are a few shots from the past week/weekend. That awesome view is what I look out at while waiting for the bus in the morning. Aaaand Abrahammy received a lot of attention this weekend with all of the visitors. This week I plan to share a little more about the little man and how to take care of a prickly little pal :]

Have a great day everyone!


Also, have you entered my Valentine's Day Giveaway from Maine Coon Crafts? If not you should enter now before it is too late! The contest is open until this Wednesday the 13th.


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