Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tattoo love - Rik Lee

Rik Lee is an incredible artist from Melbourne, Australia. I came across his work a while back and instantly fell in love. To see more of his wonderful artwork please visit his site here: Rik Lee's wordpress.

"He works with grey lead pencils, textas, watercolours and his computer." I find his quirky subject matter, clean lines, and bold colors absolutely stunning. And to top it all off he does commissions for tattoo designs!! Once I save up enough funds I would love to contact him for commissioned piece.

I hope you all enjoy his work as much as I do :]
You can also purchase prints, apparel, etc. at his shop - HERE.


  1. So i stumble across your little blog, and who else could you be featuring but one of my favourites Rik Lee! This made me smile, so I just had to say hello, and that I am about to make a cup of tea and sit down and read your blog. Thanks for the afternoon procrastination excuse!

    TPC xx


  2. You are so sweet! This comment seriously made my day. Thank you. I am glad someone else loves Rik Lee as much as I do too :]

  3. Haha, love the one in the bottom left! Thanks for sharing these :) You have such a cute blog - I love the layout and header.

    Have a great Wednesday!!

  4. I don't think I will ever be brave enough to get a tattoo of my own BUT I love admiring other people's. Some tattoo artist just make them look so real and I think they're absolutely awesome.


  5. Megan - Thank you :] I love the bottom left too hahaha.

    Katie - I got my first and only tattoo (so far) last year when I turned 22. They definitely are not for everyone but it's awesome that you appreciate the art aspect of it :]

  6. oooh thanks for this post! he has such great stuff. i am definitely going to check him out (at least his print work. i can't afford to travel to australia AND get a tattoo!)


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