Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Holiday Thrifted Finds

As I told you all yesterday - I went a bit overboard this weekend with thrifting. Ha, oh well!! Everyone has their hobbies right? I couldn't pass up the spectacular half off deals on Monday. I also got my brother addicted to thrifting! He caught on fast. I am pretty sure he made it to all of my regular thrifting spots (there are a lot).

aDSC_0006 aDSC_0007

I lucked out this weekend and found a lot of cute clothes with a lot of fun details. I am only slightly disappointed that some of the dresses will have to sit in the closet until next spring. Oh well. The best find - the $1.54 Marie Antoinette-ish dress. Guess who I am being for Halloween? Anyone else already planning out their costumes? I most definitely am.

Speaking of costumes...

My brother, mom, and I definitely woke up at the crack of dawn Monday morning to be one of the first few people in line to score the following...


A chicken suit! Complete with the claws, haha. (the photo looks totally off because our backyard grass is completely dead thanks to the draught). I had spotted the suit earlier in the week and knew that it would be half off on Monday. I am so glad we got their first thing because my brother and some woman went for it as soon and the doors opened. Haha, guess who won?

I also scored some more fun stuff for the kitchen. Another mushroom print bread pan, frying pan, and sunflower pyrex bowl.


Oh...and this adorable suitcase!


Quite the haul. I am done thrifting for awhile. I need to free up some space. Maybe open up shop? We will see! Have a good day everyone!!


  1. I love your finds.
    Especially that black dress and the baking dish with the mushrooms on it. Perfection.

    That chicken suit is AWESOME!

  2. I'm loving those finds, especially that pale pink dress hiding at the back!

  3. You are waaayyyy to good at thrifting!

  4. That red blouse with black polka dots is going to be in my dreams! My friend had a chicken outfit like that which she wore to her hen party- classic!Rx

  5. what great & fun finds! I am also already planning my halloween costume (halloween is my most favoritest holiday ever).This year...I'm thinking steam punk :)
    Oh, My

  6. What incredible finds! As soon as I saw that blue dress I thought of Marie A. I don't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween. I kind of wish my friends and I had a tradition or something so I could. And that chicken suit is INCREDIBLE. It looks so well made. Can't believe that was a thrift score. Also the idea of people waiting for a thrift store to open is kind of awesome. Didn't know that happened.

  7. Whoa! Totally sweet haul! That chicken costume! How awesome..

    ♥ Emily

  8. Haha that is one excellent chicken suit. I've got to say I don't often come across suits in my thrifting adventures. When I was younger two of my friends got in a pretty nasty fight over a bunny suit...


  9. Perfect Marie Antoinette dress! I've been thinking about costumes and so far I want to be either Morticia or Wednesday Addams. I love that frying pan too!

  10. Great finds! I love the chicken suit haha! Can't wait to see your Halloween costume too, I have yet to decide what I'm going to be...



    Southern (California) Belle

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  11. You are so great at finding cool things! What's your secret??


  12. I'm drooling over that mushroom Pyrex. It's such a neat design!

  13. What a haul!! Everything is a treasure, for sure. I love all the dresses and can't wait to see you costumeize the dress for Halloween! Which yes, Mikey and I have been chatting about that here and there recently. We love making our own costumes so we're trying to settle on something here soon that way we can start scouring thrift shops and Michaels Arts and Crafts, etc. That's about the only DIY stuff I actually do. Being the same character as another person sucks, but having the *exact* same costume is the pits. If you piece it together yourself, it's pretty much a guarantee. And Halloween deserves only the best! :)
    P.s. Good job to Henry for scoring the chicken costume! That is so kick ass. Mikey has a banana costume he used to run around base in when he was hammered. HA!
    P.p.s. I never was into the mushroom print until you started thrifting the cutest kitchenware. Lately I've been hoping to find similar stuff for my kitchen at my thrifts. Of course I don't have your magical luck. ;)

    1. How could I forget?.....that suitcase is heaven! ♥

  14. Wow, such great finds! And I can't wait to see your halloween photos:) Sounds very promising<3

  15. hahahah I love the chicken suit and that polka dot top is gorgeous!!!

  16. Ahh I just took picture the other night for a post like this! I LOVE seeing what you score thrifting. That red and black top is a total score! :)
    I am SUPER excited to see you rock that Marie Antoinette dress. I was her for halloween last year and I did the whole beehive thing. It was SO fun.

  17. OMG that chicken suit is the funniest thing ever! The feet are hilarious!

  18. i've never seen pyrex in that wonderful yellow before! it's so cheerful. and that red bow blouse is absolute perfection. great finds!

  19. I love the blue dress and the black dress! great finds!!

  20. Nice!! You should totally open up a shop.


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