Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween: 2007-Present

Hi guys! I am keeping up with the Halloween theme this week since it is only a week and a day away, but who is counting, right? I thought it would be fun to show off some of my costumes over the years. At first I only had a couple in mind but I found myself getting lost in old facebook albums, aaaaand basically ended up with 5 years worth of costumes - haha. I really got in to making my costumes sophomore year of college and have been ever since. Anywho...here is a quick - kinda - overview.


2007: I was a newbie to the whole halloween thing so I bought a german beer maiden costume - cute, but pretty unoriginal.
2008: This year my bestie and I decided to go with an animal theme. We were wild cats the first night and a narwhal and lobster the second night. (I went to school where Halloween lasted a weekend and meant multiple costumes)
2009: This year was wild and I dressed up three nights in a row. The first night I was Mia Wallace from pulp fiction, the second night I was a geisha, and the third night I was cleopatra. I guess this year was a girl-power theme?
2010: The cat is out of the bag - I LOVE KATY PERRY. Get over it. I think she is so cute and her songs are so catchy. I was also in love with her hubby Russell. This year her California Girls video came out and I fell in love with the cupcakes. My most inappropriate costume, sorry, but it was a lot of fun. I was the only one dressed up as her this year, the following year they mass produced the cupcake costume - LAME. Brian also dressed up like Russell because they are practically twins.
2011: I was a my little pony and a shark attack victim this year. I wish I could have found a photo of my full pony outfit, it was pretty cute. I had a lot of fun making my shark costume. I made it last minute (the day of), but I think it turned out pretty cool.
2012: Last Friday Brian and I went to a friend's birthday/costume party. I had been sick all week so my Marie Antoinette costume wasn't (still isn't) complete yet. On the drive home I thought of possibilities and Bambi popped in my head. I picked up some makeup and the dollar store Brian Manages and was ready to roll :]

I will share with you all my Marie costume once I wear it on Friday night. I am pretty darn excited. I still need to figure out how I am going to do my hair. Anywhooo...

Do you all go overboard when it comes to Halloween like I do? Tomorrow I plan to share how to make that KILLER shark costume ;]


  1. Your Bambi is absolutely amazing! You look so sweet!

  2. The narwhal/lobster night is incredible! I might steal it ;) I love Halloween!
    Make sure to stop by and check out my giveaway!

  3. love this idea for a post--I'm sure I've got lots of old fancy dress photos lying about--including a shark one, but not quite as impressive as yours!

    1. I would love to see all of your costumes! Especially the shark one :]

  4. So much love for Halloween! And the Katy Perry cupcake bra is adorable.

    1. It is one of my favorite holidays for sure. Thank you. Haha. It was a little scandalous but a lot of fun.

  5. Oh, I love this! Halloween is a favorite "holiday" of mine! I didn't dress up this year! And I don't think your Katy Perry costume is inappropriate! Hee hee! I love that your bf was Russell! The My Little Pony and shark attack victim costumes are great too! You're so creative! -Jessica L

  6. I LOVE Halloweeennn! I'm a big Halloween enthusiast :)


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