Monday, October 1, 2012


Hi guys!! Happy October to ya. Hope you all had a good weekend :] I most definitely did!! Friday night Brian, some friends, and I saw Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees in Logan Square. The show was realllly good, minus the extremely loud parts (I am an old woman - I need my ear plugs - I am already deaf as it is). The amps were definitely at max volume and a few times I thought my ears might burst - eeep! Other than that though, good times. We went to the early show, so later that night Brian, Andy, and I walked around Wicker Park and had some yummy pizza. Saturday was spent thrifting but I didn't come up with too many goodies unfortunately. Later that night Brian and I stayed in and got caught up on Modern Family - so good! We missed it earlier in the week because we saw End of Watch - oh em gee. That movie gave me nightmares for sure. It scares me so bad that there are so many crazy people out there who want to harm others, especially those protecting us. To all the men and women protecting our communities and nation - thank you!! Anywhoo....

Last weekend Brian and I went to Jonamac's in Malta, IL to pick some apples. It was a ton of fun. I am just now posting these photos though...whoops! Here is a little glimpse at our adventure :]

aDSC_0006 aDSC_0017 aDSC_0008

As soon as you drive 20 minutes outside of my home town you are surrounded by endless cornfields, they look prettiest this time of year. Brian and I were not alone on our adventure. Meet band-it! He is Brian's latest bud. Brian found him busted at work and decided to fix him with a band-aid - hence the name, Band-it. He is pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

aDSC_0026 aDSC_0034 aDSC_0035

Before heading to the Orchard we made a small pit stop in downtown Dekalb to check out a few thrift stores. I should have taken photos of the shops, whoopsie. The downtown area was super cute though. Check out the Egyptian theatre!! It is a combination of two of my favorite things :]

aDSC_0040 aDSC_0045 aDSC_0048

Walking to the orchard you are greeted by the cutest darn animals at the petting zoo. Baby goats, donkeys, and lambs!! My heart melts.

aDSC_0065 aDSC_0058

Great shot Bri! Hahaha.

aDSC_0068 aDSC_0085 aDSC_0095 aDSC_0091 aDSC_0102

Sorry for spamming my blog with photos. It was just such a pretty day. I am fidgeting in all of these photos. I was too nervous to sit still and take photos while others were around.

aDSC_0107 aDSC_0114

That's right ladies and gents!! They had an apple launcher and cannon - it is exactly what it sounds like too. You could shoot apples at targets!!

aDSC_0135 aDSC_0145 aDSC_0150 aDSC_0151 aDSC_0155 aDSC_0158

After apple picking we headed on over to their huuuuge corn maze. I warned Brian that we should use the map, but he didn't feel like it was necessary. Needless to say we got lost, haha. At one point we were so desperate we tried gps'ing our way out. Of course we were in the middle of nowhere though so there was no service. We did manage to find our way to a tower and were able to use the map from there *phew. It was a ton of fun. Next month their corn maze is going to be haunted - you are chased by people with chainsaws. Sounds pretty darn terrifying to me.

Anywho. Hope you all are having a good Monday :]


  1. Corn mazes always look so fun to me! There are never any around where I live though :( A haunted maze sounds terrifying!!
    xo Heather

    1. That is such a bummer. If you ever get the chance you should go. I am not too sure about the haunted ones either though!

  2. Ohhhhhh, I so want to play in a maise maze. Hoping to get to one in half term if weather holds out.Rx

    1. Haha. It was a bunch of fun. I hope you get to!

  3. You guys are incredibly cute and I love these pictures. It looks like so much fun and um, yeah, I became that girl with a bag full of ear plugs at shows. I think a lot of venues aren't large enough for bands sounds. No shame. Save those ears!

    1. Aw, thank you! It was so much fun :]

      I am glad I am not alone. I wish you would have been there because I definitely could have used some ear plugs.

  4. Ah! Jonamac is an annual destination for sure! I can't wait to go!!!


    1. :] I am just so bummed that I didn't get an apple cider slushy while I was there - soooo good!

  5. This day looks absolutely perfect! Thrifting, a road trip, cute baby animals, and fun orchard activities! I need to look something like this up near me to do. Though, with the hotel that the Shining was based on only 30 minutes away, I am not sure I want to get lost in a big maze- EEK!
    Happy October to you and hope you're having a great day!
    xo Hannah

    1. It really was a perfect day :]

      OMG!! I would go to the Shining hotel in a second if I lived so close to it. You are so lucky! It could be scary though...

      Thank you! Hope you are having a good day as well.

  6. Ah! Haunted cornfields are sooooo scary! I've only been to one...never again! Hahaha!


  7. Apple picking looks like so much fun! Although walking through that corn maze just seems like a horror story about to happen, even without the haunted part. Reminds me of Children of the Corn. =)

    1. Hahaha. The corn maze can be pretty scary. I would definitely never want to try one along.

  8. I'm an old lady too about really loud noises. hah
    I love those goats! And now I really want to launch an apple cannon.
    My town has one of those corn maizes too but I never went when it was 'haunted'. I was too scared! I don't like things chasing me or real life type killer scenarios lol

    1. I am glad I am not alone.

      Haha. I am so bummed I didn't get to shoot the apple cannon. The line was too darn long.

      Haha. I so do not blame you!

  9. This looks like SO much fun! I want an apple now! Haha. And don't worry, I like to listen to my music pretty softly too. Sometimes concerts are just TOO loud!
    Oh, and I LOVE your coat in these photos!!


    1. It was a ton of fun. I am glad I am not alone. I really just don't want to end up practically deaf is all if I can help it.

      Thank you :]

  10. I loved this photos, Allison!
    I'm glad you had such a lovely weekend; even if the music was loud at times. I completely understand that - I'm the same way. Hah!

  11. woooow! looks like such a great time! Love llamas and sheep! those pumpkins look fantastic! so many of them! my dream is to go to a pumpkin farm.. :-)

    1. It was! Llamas are super cute but I am always afraid they are going to spit at me, haha. I hope you make it to a pumpkin farm then :]

  12. Where to begin? SO much awesomeness (and great photos!!) in one post. Okay, let's list this:
    ~I've never heard of the band y'all saw but I love that the tail end of the name is called "Thee Oh Sees" - clever. Cute. Cute and clever. I like it.
    ~Mikey and I were wondering about that End of Watch movie after we saw the previews!!! It looks good and you are like the 10th person to mention it being good. Well, you didn't necessarily say that but I'm guessing by your reaction that it was anything but typical and unoriginal, like most movies nowadays are. I want to see it now!
    ~Band-it is also uber clever and that part made me smile :) even though for a second I contemplated whether that thing was real and it freaked me out. But I was like, "duh, his head is wooden, ya doink!"
    ~The pretty farmland and cornfields are just so pretty, although a bit creepy too since most of my favorite horror movies are in similar settings. I love the country but it has always scared me.
    ~The Egyptian theater looks way cool! You should have done outfit photos right outside it. I like the architecture of the building.
    ~Speaking of outfits, I will forever be in love with your coat. You look so pretty in it surrounded by all those apple trees.
    ~I love that picture of Brian in the cornfields. The one where he's peeking through the stalks. :)))
    ~I love the great shot he took of you...and then the payback one you apparently took of him, mid-sentence hahaha!
    ~That apple launcher sounds amazeballz! I wonder if they can launch husbands? hehe I kidd, I kidd.
    ~Of course Brian got y'all lost. He is a guy. The end. LOL Mikey does the same thing to us all the time. And of course it takes me about to rip his head off to ask for directions or come up with a more logical plan. hehe
    I loved all the pictures, Allison! After reading your blog all this time, and seeing your fun little adventures, it only makes it suckier that we don't live so close! :D ♥


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