Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Thrift Haul

Hi everyone!! How's it goin? My week is off to a great start. Last night Brian and I went out for half off sushi (incase you didn't see it on IG, haha) - YUMMMM! Sushi is always a major pick me up. Also, tomorrow I am checking out an apartment possibility in the city! Wish me luck. I am a wee bit nervous.

Anywho. I wanted to bring back Toy Army Tuesday this week but haven't gotten the images together just yet. Hopefully it will be back for Thursday. Instead, today I have another thrifting haul from last Saturday.

aDSC_0076 aDSC_0075

I thought I would start out this post with the cutest thrift find of all (besides Sweetpea) - a weenie costume for my weenie dog :] I can't believe she didn't have a hotdog costume before now. She is pretty bummed to wear it, but she is a good sport about it. Please excuse her goobie eyes. She has bad allergies.


I have come to terms with the fact that I am a Pyrex hoarder. If I see a unique pattern I just have to scoop it up. I had never seen the zodiac pattern before so I was beyond excited to have found it. The dish looks a lot worse in this photo than it actually it. It just needs to be washed. I can't wait until I have my own kitchen to display all of my pyrex.

aDSC_0097 aDSC_0096

Take a gander at this gem!! It is such a cute canister by Treasure Craft. They had the most adorable owl tea canister by Treasure Craft too, unfortunately, the previous owner ruined it with cleaner. This has a wee bit of damage on the front (looks like a milky film) but it is nowhere near as bad as the other canister. It is such a shame.


!!! I was probably most excited about this coat. It is lined with faux fur (thank goodness) and is oh-so toasty. I still need to take it to the dry cleaner and iron it, but it fits just right! I feel instantly fancier in it.

Have you found any good thrift finds lately? I need to cut myself off until the 26th when the all night flea market is back in town - CAN NOT WAIT!!!! It is going to be spooktacular.


  1. I would love to go to that all night flea market! And I think it's ok to be a Pyrex hoarder (or at least that's what I'm telling myself).

  2. Oh my goodness your pup in the hotdog costume just made my day- SO adorable! These are great thrift finds! :)

  3. I need to get some pyrex in my life but it seems to never be at the estate sales we go too - that or someone grabs it all before I can get there!!

  4. Bahahaha she looks gorgeous in it! Seriously hot dog costumes are the best ;)

  5. OMG that little hotdog outfit on Sweetpea is totally adorbs! And that coat is fabulous! You always score the best thrift store finds Allison. Good luck with the apt. tomorrow!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. I love your Hallo-weenie dog, Precious! And that coat is fabulous!

  7. She doesn't look the least bit pleased in that photo lol, but it's soooooo good! Good luck with the apartment!

  8. Pea is seriously the most photogenic pup in the blogosphere! Well, her and Violet's Marshmallow are hehe But even sick, Pea can do no wrong! So impressive. I look like hells bells when I'm sick.

    At first I thought you said unicorn pattern instead of "unique pattern" in reference to your new pyrex dishes. haha! Unicorn pattern would be the most bad ass pyrex pattern in the world though, don't you think?! I am starting to live vicariously through your pyrex collection. I seriously feel drawn to them more and more with your thrifted finds. I only have two myself. And they're only glass. Gah, why must my life be so mundane?
    Oh, your cookie canister is stunning! I'd lose a hand to steal something outta that pretty jar. The color of those flowers is like, WOW.

    There you go showing off another amazing coat. That's so not fair considering you found my most favorite coat ever (the one in your profile pic) just last year, or was it the beginning of this year? Yeah this year. Either way, you are deemed the ultimate lucky duck ;) Miss Fancy Coat Lucky Duck to be exact.

    P.s. I'll be visiting you for that all night flea market thing!!!!!!.....Oh, I wish. :/ #bummer

  9. AH! That doggy costume is adorable!!! And that coat is such a great find! There isn't too much a need for fur coats in Arizona, which is a shame.. Hahaha!


  10. ha, we have a very similar hot costume for our dog. He just LOVES to wear it! okay, so he hates it, but i love when he wears it ;)
    Oh, My

  11. great coat! and I got emmitt a hot dog Halloween costume! (he is a dachshund too) but I got mine at Michael's

  12. i just found a coat like that thrifting too!! just mine is creme colored- it's seriously the most warm thing i've ever put on and it was only 10 bucks. like a miracle from God himself ;)

    and your hotdog costume is aaadorable, i'd leave him in it all day long haha

  13. That coat! How perfect. You look like a glamorous movie star.

    Also Sweet Pea's costume is too darn cute!

  14. Okay, so I want to hoard pyrex too, but I have a small house and I'm running out of storage space! And I bought a hot dog costume for one of my dogs. They are going to hate it! I just love it so much though! And that is such a fabulous find of a coat, although unfortunately, I won't be needing it in San Diego. I need to go back to Illinois! -Jessica L


  15. haha! that costume is the cutest thing! sweetpea is so game. adorable! :)

  16. I can't deal with the costume, it's so cute! Also that coat looks amazing.

  17. wow, you definitely found some treasures, and i can't get over the zodiac pyrex!

  18. Sweetpea looks so cute! I got Barney some sweaters for winter since he gets chilly and he really likes them!

    I love that thrifted coat! And that jar is so unique and pretty.
    Good luck apartment hunting!

  19. Ha, the weenie costume, your dog. Perfect!


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